Real-Time Pharmacy Benefits

Pharmacy Benefits

We provide physicians, pharmacies, and enterprise health care organizations with patient medication-specific pharmacy benefit coverage, costs, and copay information in real-time during or before the prescribing process.

Check Any Medication

Check Real-Time Pharmacy Benefits and costs for 1000's of medications.


Easy to read coverage results, copays, optional generics, and drug alternatives.

Patient Experience

Never have fustrated patients complain or request a change because a medication was not covered or the copay was too high.


Use our e-Prescribe module, Prescription Pad Builder, our API's and other modules to customize your workflow.

Pharmacy Benefits

The First Pharmacy Benefits Platform For The Enterprise

Pharmacy Benefit's Platform is the first real-time pharmacy benefits solution for the enterprise.

  • All Commercial Payors
  • Medicare & Medicaid Integrated
  • Check Single Medication, Bundles, & Batches
  • See True Costs, Copays, & Deductibles
  • Check Generic & Alternative Medications
  • Compare Insurance versus Cash Pricing
  • HL7, FHIR, and EMR integration
  • API For Easy Application Integrations
  • e-Prescribe After a Benefits Check
  • Integrated In The Top EMRs
  • PBM Mail Order Solutions
  • Enterprise White Label Solutions
  • On Your Domain Implementations
  • Mobile SDK and API

Real-Time Pharmacy Benefits Software


From providers to enterprise organizations, we have solutions to fit any requirement.

Our API enables you to add real-time pharmacy eligibility capabilities to your website or app within your branded experience. Our API is organized around REST and is designed to have predictable, resource-oriented URLs and to use HTTP response codes to indicate API errors. JSON will be returned in all responses from the API, including errors and meta data.