Pharmacy Benefits For Hospitals

Never send a patient out of the hosptial or emergency room with a prescription not covered or a high copay by their insurance.
Real-Time Pharmacy Benefits for Hospitals

Easily check a patient's pharmacy benefits, copay, and alternatives before prescribing a medication.

Real-Time Pharmacy Benefits Prescrption Abandonment

Never have a patient call the hospital fustrated with a medication not covered or copay too high by their insurance.

Save Time & Put An End To Prescription Abandonment.

How many times has your organization written a prescription for a patient leaving the hospital or emergency room just to hear back from the patient or pharmacy that their insurance doesn't cover the medication or the copay is too high?

Prescribing physicians do not have access to a patient's prescription plan benefit or formulary information. This lack of information prohibits a physician from fully knowing whether a medication is covered under the patient's pharmacy benefit, whether a prior authorization is required, or whether there is another problem to the patient receiving the medication. It also does not give the physician an opportunity to have an informed discussion with a patient about their prescription out-of-pocket cost, or potential dilemma with coverage.

Instead, the outcome of the prescription is only known when the patient arrives at the pharmacy. If the prescription cost is too high, or if a prior authorization is required, or if the product is not covered under their prescription benefit plan...usually results in the pharmacist or patient calling the physician's office to request a change or complain. Or worse, the patient may become frustrated and abandon the prescription altogether.